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When watching the visual explanations (videos) for the characteristics of the Mazda car, please consider the following points:

Please note that your car may not be equipped with all the features shown in the videos.

Do not use this function while operating a motor vehicle. Using this system while driving may distract the driver and may result in loss of control of the vehicle, resulting in an accident, serious injury or death.

This information visualizes some of the unique features and functions of your Mazda car. The videos complement the Owner's Guide to best explain how to enjoy your Mazda. However, the information does not replace your Mazda user guide.

All support systems and functions are not a substitute for proper driving; The readiness of the systems for work can be influenced by the traffic, the weather conditions and the driving style. All information, specifications, photos and illustrations are those in force at the time of release. Mazda reserves the right to change specifications or designs without notice and without obligation, and accuracy is not guaranteed.

1Показаните превозни средства може да не са същите като моделите, предназначени за българския пазар. Показаните цветове и някои характеристики на интериора и екстериора могат да се различават от действителния модел, а превозните средства могат да бъдат оборудвани с допълнително оборудване или екстри. Всички показани цени са необвързващи препоръчителни цени с включен ДДС (20%).